Tenancy & Lease Agreement

Tenancy agreement (TA) is a contract between a landlord and a tenant specifying the terms and conditions of their rental agreement. Tenancy agreements are usually put in place before letting out property.


Most of the time, landlords or tenants are reluctant to engage a lawyer when it comes to Tenancy Agreement (TA) due to assumption that terms of the TA are standard and they can simply ‘google’ a standard form or template of a TA and made a few amendments wherever applicable. We understand the idea of saving few hundred Ringgit is always appealing and interesting. We totally get that! However, spending few hundreds Ringgit on an experience Real Estate Lawyer sometime will save you from thousand Ringgit of litigation suit. Michael Tie & Co will always advice you on the following before you consider to enter into a TA:
Who is your landlord?
How much are you actually paying per month?
What are your obligations and responsibilities as a landlord or tenant?
Are you or your landlord allowed to sublet?
Does your landlord allow for early termination?
Can your landlord terminate the TA before expiration of the rental term?
What happens to your security deposit?
Michael Tie & Co has prepared more than 200 Tenancy Agreements for our corporate and individual landlords as of to date. We know the DO’s and DON’T’S and effective ways to evict a tenant upon default.

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