Estate Planning & Individual and Business Assets Protection

Wealth preservation has been quoted to be more difficult than wealth accumulation. In fact there are countless assets that are still unclaimed or frozen as a result of inadequate estate planning. As a lawyer, we hope that our clients assets are always passed on to the rightful successor.

Trust Deed

The Deed of Trust is a helpful legal document that can be used in situations that involve shared or partial ownership of Malaysian properties. This trust among many things helps to identify the shares, rights and obligations pertaining the property. This helps to safeguard your ownership in the unfortunate event of a spoilt relationship.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is an instrument or a document that provides for the appointment of the recipient of a power as attorney of the owner for a specific aim. This can allow the recipient to act on behalf of the owner to carry out specific tasks on behalf.

Buy or Sell Agreement

Buy - sell agreement is an important agreement for business partnership that  stipulates the terms in the unfortunate event of a business partner's demise, or departure from business. 

Cross Option Agreement

In a business partnership , a Cross-Option Agreement grants a choice for their shares in the event of their death. This often ensures that the surviving owners to buy the shares from the deceased owner's personal representative. Alternatively, the personal representatives of the deceased owner will have the option to force the surviving owners to purchase the deceased owner’s shares/interest.

Grant of Probate

The Grant of Probate is issued by the High Court to the named executor of a will empowering execute the will on behalf of the owner or testator

Estate and Trust dispute

Occassionally there are loved ones who disagrees with the distribution of estate after the loss of the trustee. We will help our clients evaluate the situation about the dispute.
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