Debt recovery

We work hard to recover outstanding debts fast and cost effectively, and we usually settle most cases quickly and without the need for formal legal action. Over the last 6 years we have achieved outstanding results, recovering more than RM10 million for our clients.


A person’s or a business’s reputation often takes years to build and yet it can be destroyed in a minute due to the speed and permanence of online publications and social media alongside traditional media outlets. Defamatory publications can not only be costly, in terms of loss of revenue or opportunity, but can also impact on individuals personally: damaging relationships or preventing them from developing in the first place. They are also often the source of considerable distress and embarrassment. It is often necessary to act quickly before a damaging publication spread.


Our dispute resolution solicitors have many years of experience in resolving disputes for businesses and can advise you on the appropriate and cost-effective method for dealing with your conflict.

Bankruptcy and Winding up Proceedings

Bankruptcy refers to a process where a debtor will be declared a bankrupt pursuant to a court order on the creditor’s petition or the debtor’s petition. All the unsecured property belonging to the bankrupt will be vested on the Director General of Insolvency (DGI) and the DGI has the responsibility to realize all such assets. The proceeds of the sale will be distributed among creditors who have filed their proof of debts and the debts have been admitted by the DGI.

Winding up is a process in which the existence of a company is brought to an end, where assets of a company are collected and realised. The proceeds collected are used to discharge the company’s debts and liabilities and the remaining balance (if any) will be is distributed amongst the contributories according to their entitlement.

Garnishee proceedings

A Garnishee application may be applied to attach monies owed from a judgment debtor’s bank account to satisfy the sum due. When successfully pursued, the court will order the remittance of the money owed.

Bodily Injury Claims & Insurance Claim

Bodily injury claims refers to the claims of injuries or fatalities by third party that arises as due to a person or company. In some cases this will fall under personal liability.

Contract dispute

In most cases contract dispute happens when either party failed to comply or act in accordance to the terms of a contract. We will help you to achieve resolution in the event of a breach.


If you’ve suffered a personal injury or been made ill, you may be entitled to compensation. We have experience in handling a broad range of accident and personal injury claims, including road traffic accidents and work-related injuries. We have the capacity and expertise to handle even the most complex cases involving multiple injuries and multiple potential wrongdoers.

Construction Dispute

Asian International Abritration Centre or AIAC recorded 932 cases in 2017 with 700 being construction related, standing at RM1.38 billion, with poorly drafter contracts identified as the root cause.
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