Adoption is the legal process in which another’s child will be raised and brought up in another family as one of their own. Careful review and preparation are required as the procedures may be tedious in ensuring a successful application. The authorities are strict and rigid in their decision-making process in which they are to […]

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Reconciliation Of Marriage Prior To Divorce

Before a person shall petition for divorce, he or she must first refer the matrimonial difficulty to a conciliatory body and that body is to certify that it has failed to reconcile the parties. This requirement, however, is not applicable to mutually agreed divorce or divorce on the ground that one party to the marriage […]

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I will love you now and forever, or is it?

As seen in the movies and dramas, when a man marries a woman, he solemnly pledges his faith, love and support to his beloved wife-to-be from this day to his last. Well, this is all fine and well, until either party discovers that they have made a mistake. There are a variety of reasons and […]

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An Insight On The Drafting Of A Pre-nuptial Agreement

A, who possesses a wealth of assets and properties wishes to marry B (soon to be wife) in the latter stages of his life. However, A is fearful should there be a divorce, a huge dispute would erupt on the division and distribution of assets and properties and business that would potentially involve a huge […]

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The MUTUAL PETITION - Divorce Process In Malaysia

A divorce starts with a divorce petition ("Petition"). The Petition is written by one spouse ("Petitioner") and served on the other spouse. The Petition is then filed in a court. The petition includes important information regarding the marriage. It names the husband, wife and any children and states if there is any matrimonial properties, child […]

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A comprehensive guide to distribution of matrimonial assets

Matrimonial Asset is an asset owned by one or both of two persons who are married to one another which, upon the application of one of the spouses to a court for dissolution of marriage, is subject to division between them. A married couple can determine who will entitle to which property and how much […]

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Basic Overview of Malaysia FAMILY LAW

When we come to discuss divorce matter in Malaysia, the governing provision we refer to is the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976. The grounds of dissolution of a marriage may be a dissolution by mutual consent, breakdown of marriage or presumption of death and divorce. Divorce Petition First and foremost, we will come […]

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