Maintenance To Wife And Children

Maintenance is the most material and relevant area during the course of divorce proceedings.

The rationale behind providing maintenance to the wife and children is not punitive in nature against the husband. It should be noted that the wife is ever entitled to a form of maintenance from her husband regardless of how small of a sum and / or if she is being maintained by a relative or parents. 
Maintenance may be given periodically or even a lump sum payment subject to the facts and circumstances of the case. This may be appropriate should the wife choose to absolutely have a clean break with the husband after the divorce.

Does this mean that the wife can and should claim for a ridiculous amount / sum of maintenance from the husband? This is not the case. Under s. 78 LRA 1976, the Courts will always look at the means and needs of the parties, regardless of the proportion such maintenance bears to the income of the husband or wife, whilst considering the degree of responsibility of each party for the breakdown of the marriage. 

Negotiation on the terms for maintenance may be negotiated between the spouses to accommodate the needs and wishes of the spouses. For example, maintenance terms may also be agreed between spouses that maintenance will cease should the wife remarry or pass away. In relation to children, maintenance may be negotiated to cease when the children have attained a majority age of 18 years old.

An appropriate and realistic expectation is to be managed in obtaining maintenance, in which our team is ever ready to provide you advice in managing this matter during the course of your divorce proceedings. 

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