Joint Petition 

When to submit a Joint  Petition?

If both of you can agree on all issues, ie, custody of children, access to the children, maintenance for spouse and children, and division of your joint assets, you can file a joint petition. The Joint Petition is the fastest and easiest way to get divorce in Malaysia. 

We provide fixed legal fees for Joint Petition which is much less than the Single Petition.

A Joint Petition is governed by Section 52 of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976. 

Q & A

How much is the legal fees?

We provide fixed legal fees for Joint Petition. Generally, a joint petition's legal fee is cheaper than a single petition's (without mutual consent). 

How long does it take for a divorce matter to be completed?

Generally, a joint petition divorce matter takes 6 to 9 months to be completed. The actual time needed for may vary in each and every single case depending on the following factors:

1. The date of hearing granted by the court (whether its early or late).
2. The complexity of the case.
3. A unilateral petition divorce (without mutual consent) matter takes more time to be completed. The divorce matter could take more time if it is contested.
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Why Us?

We provide the warmest professional service.

We have handled more than 1200 divorce cases since 2016. Our team has been listed as one of the best divorce lawyers in Kuala Lumpur

In Michael Tie & Co, in every case, we set up a “1 + 3” or “1 + 2” special service team, which is led by a senior lawyer who is an expert in Family Law, coordinated by a legal assistant who is always a solicitor and legal support team.

We have compiled a complete and updated court judgement in relation to the divorce cases in Malaysia. We are confident that our divorce lawyers can draw up more effective, accurate and appropriate litigation directions and strategies for you.

Our divorce lawyers will compare court judgments for the past 15 years with your actual situation and from the research, we will give our prediction on possible judgments by the court and we will advise you the best options and strategies you should take. 

We offer free legal consultation. 

We know you need someone to talk to when you are suffering, it is natural to want to talk to consult someone about your problem. You can talk to us about whatever challenges you are experiencing and our experienced family lawyer will help you in the way that you deserve. 

Our charging method is simple, transparent and clear.

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